The future is clear… nu-clear.

Evidently, Bush does not require the support or authorization of Congress (or any other government entity) to send nuclear ICBM's or any other nuclear weapon twirling into Iran. Unless the Generals decide to disobey orders, there's pretty much nothing to stop Bush from nuking Iran. Unless, of course, some nations, namely… Russia and China, decide […]

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Iraq, Iran, and Bush, OH MY!

Alright, I'm hearing that ("tactical") nuclear strikes against Iran are inevitable. Bush goes on to say — "Wild speculation, what you're hearing is wild speculation". The thought of seeing nuclear warfare, on any level, within my lifetime, scares the hell out of me. Regardless that it's going on in an entirely different continent. Apparently the […]

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What this blog’s about:

For the most part, I feel some strange desire within myself share with you all the garbage the United States has been up to for last… Forty odd years.

Their country was built on the backs of slaves, Chinese immigrants, and countless other(s)immigrants)), they incite wars, commit countless acts of genocide and murder, coerce countrys into politico-economic subversion and destroy hundreds, if not thousands of communities and indigenous peoples, (like their own natives, all 18 million of them).

The only differance between the United Corporate Police States of Hypocracy and most other nations, is that they preach about freedom, liberty, civil rights and boast about how great their country is, all the while totally denying any involvement in any of their inhumane activities. But hey, of course they’d do that. They’re the “good guys”, right? The “good guys” don’t commit genocide and mass murder, oh no, that’s called “collateral damage” and spreading “democracy”.

Now of course, some of you are going to come out and say “Bah, just another stupid America-bashing blog”. Which is pretty much what this is. Although it is substantiated, and the vast majority of what I post is, unlike most of what comes out of Bush and Condi’s mouth, based on facts.

I’ll admit right now: I hate America. I hate pretty much every thing about it. Especially Texas.