The Propaganda Channel?

Well, I’ll admit I watch TV. Personally, I hate television, I just do. Most of my time in front of the television is spent watching Discovery or National Geographic. Occaisonally, I end up watching the “Military Channel”. I don’t know how many of you out there have access to this station, but if you do, it’s quite a conundrum. There’s a new show, called “G.I. Factory”, inwhich they glorify and make weak attempts to legitimize the war industries (and war itself). They have an “average joe” looking guy who says things like “This minigun rocks”, and “Man, this gun is coooool”. I feel this is a massive proponent towards brainwashing people into pro-war uber-patriotic zealots. I mean, it’s kind of like “Look how much of the world’s natural resources we can waste, only so that we can kill people and take *their* natural resources,” (Iraq, any one?). I can’t really put a finger on it, but when I watch this show, it makes me feel ill. More soon.


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