Ahhhh! Americans!

Alright… I was doing some reading last night, mostly of articles on (www.)zmag(.org). I found some interesting statistics. You know how G.W. Bush is always raving about being the beacon of hope and "freedom" and all that garbage he some how manages to believe himself, well, as it turns out, one of the most "free" and "liberated" countries in the world, the United States of America, actually has the highest incarceration rate of any modern industrialized nation. America has half a million more prisoners than China, who has FIVE TIMES their population. The United States has a whopping 25% of the entire world's prisoner's in their prisons, with only five percent of the world's population. Interesting, hmm?

Here's some food for thought, exerpt from:
(Just bits and peices, check out the link for the full story and more)

—–"The White House, to give another example, declares that any state harboring terrorists is a terrorist state and is therefore subject to just invasion and attack by “the civilized world,” led of course, by Washington. It is left to the lunatic fringe to point out that the leader of civilization would be justly bombed by this standard since the U.S. happens to host such known terrorists as Orlando Bosch and Posada Carriles, who collaborated in blowing up a civilian Cuban airliner as part of a U.S. directed campaign against the Castro government."—–

—–"But this is only one way in which Uncle Sam “involv[es] himself in the political and economic life of other countries in Latin America and elsewhere.” Other forms of such involvement include the powerful and regressive neoliberal economic interventions of the U.S.-dominated International Monetary Fund and World Bank, the vast reach of American corporate media and consumer culture, the ubiquitous political pressure of U.S. “diplomacy,” the placement of explicitly propagandistic “news” stories in foreign newspaper and television, and the flooding of Central American markets with highly subsidized U.S. agricultural exports.—–"

—–"The U.S. government has even been known to invade and occupy other, formerly sovereign states, smashing their existing nation-state and insisting that the occupied nations develop in accord with U.S. imposed politico-economic dictates.—–"


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