Iraq, Iran, and Bush, OH MY!

Alright, I'm hearing that ("tactical") nuclear strikes against Iran are inevitable. Bush goes on to say — "Wild speculation, what you're hearing is wild speculation". The thought of seeing nuclear warfare, on any level, within my lifetime, scares the hell out of me. Regardless that it's going on in an entirely different continent. Apparently the US has been "mixing and matching" it's nuclear and conventional weaponry. I suppose when you blur the lines between all out nuclear warfare and conventional warfare it becomes more "acceptable". Most likely the United States is going to pull another one of their famous "They have WMD's and harbour terrorists" routine. I'd be surprised if any one believed it. Actually, no, I wouldn't. The level of mass-ignorance and hysteria in the States is astounding. It's almost like they don't *want* to hear the truth. I mean, even when they invaded Iraq, they claimed Saddam had WMD's. Which he didn't — which — had they (the United States) allowed UN inspectors to finish their job, (Two, three more weeks maybe?) the public would have known this. Which would have been very, very bad for Uncle Sam. Of course the media (For the most part CNN, FOX) was quite happy to declare any random cache of conventional weapons as possible WMD's. Hell, if you strap a nuclear warhead to a pencil, that's a WMD too. It totally flabergasts me how any one bought the "Iraq is harbouring al Qaeda" garbage. The old Saddam regime in Iraq was constantly battling these so called "terrorist" organizations. Even more so, it kind of scares me that people are surprised to learn that most of the Islamic fundamentalism in that area is a result of US actions conducted throughout the 80's and 90's. The United States created an army of fanatics to fight a war against the Soviets, and now they don't need them any more. If I were one of those "terrorists", I'd be a little pissed off too. Hell, I might even fly a plane into the WTC.

"The problem about having fanatics on your side is, when the wars done, you still have fanatics on your side."


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